I had a dream…

I tend to have very vivid dreams, and lots of them. Many times, they’re nightmares, but sometimes I can actually change them as I’m dreaming. I might be running away from someone and realize, “Hey, I can fly!” And so I’ll fly away. I actually dream that I’m flying quite a bit, so sometimes in the mornings I still think I might be able to.

I dream in color, and I can taste and smell in my dreams, too. I remember dreaming once that I was laying on the ground crying, and I remember the grit of the dirt in my teeth.

I wish that I could draw well, so that I could capture all these dreams. I remember most of them…dreams that I had years ago, and dreams I had last night.

I often dream of the weirdest houses, and I wake up thinking, “I need to draw that floorplan!” I still haven’t done it.

But last night, I dreamed up something food-related. I dreamed I was at a little cafe, with a garden patio. They served a “water flight,” with three tastings of drinks that were mostly water. The first was in a carafe like this:

And it was ice-cold, but there was no ice in it. I could see the sweat on the glass. The carafe was pretty large, and there were half-lemons floating in it. There were two women working at this cafe, Spaniards, maybe. One of them poured the lemon-water in a glass for me, and it was just a bit cloudy. I tasted it, and told them (in Spanish…sometimes I dream in Spanish) that I could taste the crispness of the lemon, and what I thought was olive oil. And they laughed, and said, “You’re right! It’s a very light emulsion of the best quality olive oil, lemons, and water.” I remember the light film it left on my tongue, and that I was really looking forward to the rest of the water flight.

Is that weird or what? Have any of you ever heard of a drink like this? Would it even work? I doubt it, but it was so lovely in my dream.

Happy dreaming, everyone.

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