Black and blue

And sometimes things don’t go so well. Last night I stubbed my toe, the little one, and it hurt, but eh, whatever. Today I woke up and it still hurt. And I tried to take a step, and it hurt worse. Upon closer inspection, it’s swollen and black and blue. I think I broke my tiny toe! Poor thing, it’s so small and helpless, and now it’s maimed. I’m going to have Justin tape it up I guess, because there’s not much you can do for a toe, you know.

Today I stayed home from work, all fevery and achy and sore-throaty. I hate sick. It’s like you can feel the little ickies in your blood, zooming around, wreaking havoc, making you tired and generally grumpy. I’m hoping that the massive amounts of TLC I’m getting from Justin will help me feel better by tomorrow morning, so I can make it to work. We’ll see.

Here’s something to keep you busy when you’re bored: Mygazines. Online scans of magazines, everything from Better Homes & Gardens to National Geographic. I read Real Simple last night, and am looking forward to browsing more tonight. I’m a magazine junkie, but I hate buying them, because I feel like I’m spending to spend (I always want to buy whatever I see in the magazine). So now at least I’m cutting out the middle man. 🙂

Thanks for your anniversary wishes…I will pass them on to Justin, too. Happy Monday!

2 responses to “Black and blue”

  1. Poor thing! I’ve broken my little toe before and was surprised by how much a tiny bit of my body could hurt so friggin much. Hope it—and the rest of you—feels better soon.

    And thanks for the link. I’m a total magazine junkie, too! Seriously—put it on glossy paper with some fun graphics and I’ll read just about anything.

  2. What is it with glossy paper? (sigh)

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