Hawaii!! And a commitment…

Hi peeps!

I think I’m talking in exclamation points! Because I’m so excited! That we’re going to Hawaii!  !  !

We’ll be there for a week, and I plan to take a ton of photos to share with you all. Justin will have his laptop with him, but I have no idea how the wifi situation will be, so I may or may not post and/or update flickr while we’re there. If not, you can look forward to lots of Hawaii goodness when we return. We’ll be staying on Oahu for the whole trip, and we don’t have any set plans… we want to snorkel, and hike, and see Pearl Harbor and Diamond head, and sit on the beach for large amounts of time. We plan to eat. A lot. Other than that, we’re just going to go with the flow. I can’t wait! (Exclamation point!)

Also, I’m saying this here, on my blog, so that you internets can hold me accountable: when I get back from Hawaii (maybe not THAT DAY, but you know), I AM GOING TO COOK. We’ve been dining out like crazy, and though it’s fun, and the food is spectacular, I miss home cooking. I miss chopping garlic and kneading bread. I miss grocery shopping. I mean, we eat at home too, but lately it’s been quick things… sandwiches, spaghetti, cereal… sadness in  my heart. I remember the days when I’d plan out a week’s worth of menus (2 weeks, sometimes!), with packed lunches and baked goodies, and grocery shop on the weekend, and cook and cook and cook. And we would eat at home together and not gain weight (darn you, pork belly! and ricotta cheesecake! and homeslice pizza! and pork rillete and shrimp bisque and tuna tartare and gnocchi with sausage and fettucine alfredo and beef sopes and calamari salad and steak frites and… oh, now I see why my swimsuit is kinda small) and try new recipes and eat more veggies and all was well.

So! Internets! It is your job to nag me about cooking at home. (But nicely, you know, like, don’t be really mean or anything.) Just remind me how lovely cooking is, and how expensive restaurants are, and how nice it is to fit into your jeans. Don’t worry, there will definitely still be posts on dining out, because I LOVE Austin restaurants, and I also still have tons of stuff backlogged that I need to post (Primizie brunch! Jorge’s! House Pizzeria!). But I am hereby declaring that there will also be homecooked food on this blog. After Hawaii.

Aloha, everyone, I’ll see you on the flip side!

6 responses to “Hawaii!! And a commitment…”

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  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and have been reading it for over an hour now! Highly entertaining – your photos are beautiful and I LOVE me some Fino, too 🙂 Enjoy your trip and I can’t wait to continue reading your posts!

    1. Thanks guys! Sandy, we did try Leonard’s on our last day there… mmmmm, fried dough.

      Rachel, we’re ready for some home-cooked food… let’s do it!

      Casey, so glad you found my little blog space! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it… 🙂

  3. I hope you guys are having a GREAT time in Hawaii! Can’t wait to see your blog posts when you get back (no pressure)!

    And we’re right there with you on the cooking to save money and calories thing. Wanna get together after you get back for some home-cooked fun times? Logan leaves monday!

  4. This may be too late, but don’t leave Honolulu before trying Leonard’s Malasadas in Kapahulu (sort of at the foot of Diamond Head)! They are like the lightest fried brioche on the planet. I’d weigh a thousand pounds if I lived there. Also, the plate lunch at the nearby Rainbow Drive-In is an event.

    Glad you’re having fun.

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