Girls’ Day Out

Today Kourtney and I were out all day, shopping and shopping and shopping. We started with a haircut by Kelly, an awesome stylist at Julian’s salon. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Next was lunch at Triumph Cafe…Vermicelli with curried tofu, egg roll, and fried rice with chicken teriyaki (plus mint water and a chai latte). So, sooooo good…

After that, we hit the mall. Oh, the mall. Was I supposed to make all my clothes from now on? Are you sure I wasn’t supposed to buy every cute shirt I saw? I did okay, I suppose…I broke down and bought a pair of incredibly cute shoes, but I’m not sure yet if I’m keeping them. Do I need another pair of shoes? Do I need a reason to buy a pair of shoes? I’ll post a photo of them if I decide to keep them.

I got lots of ideas for making my own clothes though…

Look at this cute top that I think would be fairly easy to create…I love the embroidery.

And this little blouse/dress thing, that would look great over jeans. Could I maybe add an extension of fabric to the bottom of a button up shirt to get this look?

I just love the fabrics that are being used now…it’s like somebody found a bunch of old pajamas and sheets and made them into cute, cute shirts. Look at these giraffes!

And these hearts!

Finally, how cool is this? These are regular tank tops, but the one on bottom has its straps crisscrossed before going over the head. Genius!

Now we’re off to Blues on the Green, to hear live music and get bit by mosquitos as we sit in the grass. What, oh what will we get to do tomorrow? Having company is so much fun.

8 responses to “Girls’ Day Out”

  1. What a perfect day!

  2. what a beautiful granddaugter! glad you guys are having fun. love you

  3. You look Marrrrvelous! Wheet Whoo!

  4. THe mall?!! Oh my?! I can’t believe it?! I’m so happy that you’re still keeping those poco-cocoa ways! You’ve got that eye, yes you do!!! Have fun!

  5. I love the blouse/dress! Where did you find that?

  6. Mall fashion is finally waking up after being entirely too serious. Great looking hair cut.

  7. It was a fun day…Lisa, I think the shirt/dress was from either Papaya or Rave at Barton Creek Mall.

  8. Cute stuff! I want to go shopping with you. :o)

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