Fancy Vietnamese Food

One of our first stops for food in Austin was Elizabeth Street Cafe. It’s one of those gorgeous MMH concepts that we love. I feel like in the Austin food realm, you either love or hate MMH restaurants. We are in the LOVE group. From Swedish Hill to Jeffrey’s, Fresa’s to Clarks – we love them.

Elizabeth Street has been a favorite of ours for years. As I’ve grown older, my tolerance for spicy foods has increased (darn you, decreasing taste buds!), and I’m surprising myself by how many spicy dishes I’m ordering in general. This dish – Red Curry Dan Dan Noodles – is SO freaking good. It burns and it hurts and it’s delicious and wonderful, and I am so glad that it is just a short drive away from me now.

J nearly always orders the tofu banh mi. He loves that it’s covered in jalapeños, and (as you can see here), he always adds even more spice with chile-garlic sauce.

It’s funny – when friends in GVL asked where we’d go eat first when we got back to Austin, we answered, “Via 313! Elizabeth Street Cafe! Fukumoto!” They were stunned that we didn’t prioritize breakfast tacos. What can I say? When I can make fresh tortillas, and J makes the best scrambled eggs on the planet, why would we go out for breakfast tacos? 😉 #blessed

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