Cartel is my jam

So not far from us, there’s this new hotel (!) called ARRIVE. And within this hotel, there are THREE different eateries that we now love.

First up is Cartel Coffee Lab. I first heard of this coffee group from a client in PHX who LOVED it – and after visiting and having a great experience, I was a fan. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s now a Cartel Coffee Lab just steps away from my door. This could be amazing or dangerous, depending on how you look at it.

I’ve been several times now, for meetings, and work, and general hangouts, and each time, the service has been friendly, the coffee/chai has been great, and the music has been fun. They serve pastries from Sour Duck Market, like this fantastic kolache with alllll the seeds. (I will say that they run out pastries by midday, so an afternoon visit is woefully missing a cookie or snack.)

Because I’m a lactose-intolerant loser, I am super happy that all of their drinks can be made with oat milk. Because I work remotely, I’m super happy that they have free wifi and a cool vibe. Because I should seriously be watching our budget after an expensive cross-country move, I’m trying very hard not to visit every day. 🙂

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