Dinner for one

Since Justin is working on several food accounts at work, he sometimes gets free food. Subway sandwiches, Fuddruckers fries, plus treats from paper vendors like Krispy Kreme doughnuts or pastries. This afternoon, he had a Fuddruckers “snack,” which left him full and left me fending for myself for dinner.

This was my concoction: packaged salmon mixed with sesame-shiitake vinaigrette, with spinach and cherry tomatoes in a toasted whole wheat tortilla. It was pretty good…I think I actually prefer packaged tuna to the salmon. The salmon seemed fishier, if that’s possible. Anyway, I ate two wraps, with a full packet of salmon.

I washed this down with my favorite smoothie–chocolate soymilk, a banana, and two dollops of peanut butter whirled in the blender.

Now for dessert…do we have any chocolate in the house?

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