A Wednesday List

20 Things I’m looking forward to this fall:

  1. Finishing the book.
  2. After finishing the book, having free time for the items below.
  3. Reading. Updating Goodreads. Going to the library.
  4. Watching television/Netflix (Mad Men, Glee, West Wing, True Blood, Buffy).
  5. Restarting my French lessons.
  6. Playing random computer games.
  7. Photography. Using my Polaroid, my Yashica, and my DSLR.
  8. Making more videos.
  9. Seeing friends.
  10. The Austin Film Festival.
  11. Monthly themed Starbucks beverages. (September is for toffee nut mocha, October is for pumpkin spice latte…)
  12. Halloween.
  13. A grand return to my kitchen.
  14. Much, much fewer restaurant meals.
  15. Tights and boots.
  16. Hats.
  17. Pumpkins.
  18. Candlelight.
  19. Putting the thick duvet back on the bed.
  20. Cooler weather –> hopping on my scooter more.

14 responses to “A Wednesday List”

  1. Aww. I’m sorry that your book is causing you stress. It’s nice to be eating out but… home-cooked is awesomer, I think. And I’m looking forward to being able to wear my combat boots. Yuuuup. 😀

    1. Thanks, Wei-Wei. Boots are one my favorite fall wardrobe pieces!

  2. What book are you reading that you need to finish?

    Also, I’m so excited for the AFF too! Do you guys get badges or film passes? We usually get the film passes, but I’m thinking of getting the Lonestar badges this year just to get priority entry (don’t really care about the panels, to be honest!)…

    1. It’s actually the book I’m writing that’s taking up so much of my time. As for AFF, we get Lonestar Badges for the same reason – we’ve done the full badge thing before, but the parties and panels really aren’t our thing. We just sign up for the movies!

      1. OMG, I feel like such a retard now. DUH, WRITING a book, not READING a book…Well, at least keep in mind that we appreciate your efforts like crazy! I can’t wait for it to be published.

        I think we’ll do Lonestar Badges probably too. Once the schedule is released, we should totally coordinate to see if we’ll be seeing any of the same films!

      2. Tee hee, no worries! Justin and I usually split up for the week, because we’re always drawn to different movies. And since he works freelance, he gets to go to the afternoon ones. :/

  3. Yay! Love the list, but for a minute there I thought it was a one day list and got a little worried, then I saw it was a fall list 🙂 Saludos!

    1. Ha! I have been known to make some mean daily to-do lists… 🙂

  4. i heart lists! still crafting mine. hope you don’t mind if i borrow an idea or two like #4 I have not watched Mad Men. Ever. And I am so curious. Starting with episode one season one this month. Thank goodness for Netflix

    1. Borrow away! I’m very slowly watching Mad Men… I just watched Season 1, Episode 4. It’s so gorgeous… the attention to detail in set and costume is amazing. I get so angry when I watch it, but I always want to see what’s going to happen next!

  5. oh? So September is for Toffe Nut Mocha? Okay. I guess I’ll try it!

    1. No wait! I tried it today and I HATED it. It tasted like a buttered popcorn Jelly Belly. 🙁 Let’s move on to Pumpkin Spice Lattes instead. 🙂

  6. Here here to cooler weather and things to cozy in. Fall is great.

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