A question about comments

So… those of you out there who occasionally comment on this little blog, and those of you who don’t comment but read the comments that others post… do you prefer that I answer those comments via email, or as a reply comment on the blog? I’m being very indecisive about it, so I thought I’d get your opinion.

On one hand, if I reply via email, I can be quite detailed and personal, and not worry about boring anyone else with my occasionally long-winded responses. On the other hand, if I reply on the blog, maybe some of you who had the same comment/question but don’t want to post it can see my response shared with everyone.

Or do you maybe have no preference at all, and I’m just over thinking things as usual?

And in case you don’t want to comment on commenting, I’ve added a poll below, because it sounded fun and I wanted to try it.

Thanks, internets! 🙂

[polldaddy poll=3180510]

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