So I finally took my camera with me to Uchiko for dinner. We’ve eaten at Uchi and Uchiko plenty of times, but I’ve never photographed anything. I’m not really sure why. Anyway, here’s how our evening went!

I had the pan am, a cocktail made with sake, watermelon agua fresca, and granny smith apples. Justin had the Zero Sen, a sake made just for Uchi and Uchiko. He designed the label for the bottles. 🙂

We were brought a tiny amuse-bouche of grape tomatoes with basil blossoms.

Cobia crudo – Caribbean kingfish, cucumber and jalapeno.

Justin designed the chef’s coat patches. 🙂

Madai – Japanese bream nigiri with shiso, meyer lemon zest and olive oil.

Nasu – Japanese eggplant and sumiso nigiri. This is seriously the best eggplant you”ll ever taste.

My absolute favorite thing in the universe: take nabe – a searing hot bowl of perfectly seasoned rice, Japanese mushrooms, a fried egg, and bonito flakes. When it’s brought to the table, the lid is lifted and the bonito flakes curl up and move a little. It pretty much rocks, and we order it every time.

Gyutan – grilled beef tongue nigiri, fish caramel and sea salt.

Tempura nasu – eggplant crisps with sweet chili sauce.

The obligatory Justin in the corner photo.

The new flatiron wagyu dish (I think it’s called wagyu take), with onion skin crisps, onion paper, and matsutake mushroom puree.

Justin designed the menus. 🙂

This is the new ninjin bacon – pork belly with carrot puree, pecan-olive crumbs (I think) and heirloom baby carrots. Mmmm, pork belly.

Hamachi – yellowtail nigiri with pickled shallot and fresh jalapeno, and sake toro – salmon belly nigiri with ginger and tamari. Heaven.

Justin designed the chopstick holders. 🙂

Justin designed the sign and the modified the logo. 🙂

Uchiko, I heart you. Husband, you rock.

8 responses to “Uchiko”

  1. Woah!!! Your husband is so cool. Can you show us more of his work sometime? 😉

    1. Sure! I mean, I’ll ask him if I can share some. 🙂

  2. Justin is so awesome! I had no idea I was in the presence of such a genius designer when we met you guys at the Tipsy Tech class!

    1. He does rock the house. He’s really good at what he does, and thankfully, he loves to do it, too!

  3. yo lil mama, 1) cute shoes in that dress pic, but you always have cute shoes 2)the pics, food and design-ery things at Uchiko are SUPER DUPER. that food just blows my mind! what is fish caramel? never mind, i don’t even care, just gimme some. you are one lucky lady!!

    1. Hey thanks! And I love Uchiko, too… it’s crazy good. I’m lucky to eat all this stuff, and to have such a talented husband. 🙂

  4. Love the photos and Ill add my admiration to the chorus for justin’s work. It’s lovely and fits the ambience of the restaurant so well. Also, our favorite dish was the take nabe too UNTIL we tried th ninjin bacon (pork belly). OMG we were unabashedly slaking our fingers across the plate to soak up every last taste!

    1. Thanks so much! I agree, that pork belly is INSANE. Insane, I tell you.

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