Typical Tuesday

Well, kind of. We drove down to the South Austin Trailer Park & Eatery for some Torchy’s Tacos.


Justin got some super greasy tacos with eggs and queso and chicken fried steak and other such madness.

I got my favorite green chile pork taco:


And I promptly picked the onions off. I hate it when I forget to request no onions.

Justin tried the green chile queso, which was pretty spicy. Also, I’m a wimp.


Also, don’t forget to tip your servers!


This is my “hi, I’m getting old” photo. Look at those crow’s feet! At least they’re smile lines, right?


After dinner, we stopped by Holy Cacao for some treats. I had been wanting to try cake balls, after drooling over Bakerella’s site forever.


Justin got the sour ball (lemon cake), and I got a dark chocolate ball. We also tried the frozen hot chocolate. So… we each took a bite of the cake balls and didn’t take another. The texture was just… gummy. Like underbaked bread. I’m not sure if that’s how cake balls are supposed to be, but we didn’t like them. As for the frozen hot chocolate, it tasted too… milky. Like they used Cadbury milk chocolate to make it. I’m sure plenty of people love Cadbury chocolate, but I’m not one of them. So, we won’t be returning to Holy Cacao.

After that, Justin stopped at Petsmart to pick up kitty cat food, and was kind enough to drop me off at DSW so I could search for the perfect black heels.


These were not the perfect ones. I did buy some black wedges, but I’m still chasing after that perfect black shoe in my imagination. Someday, black shoe. Someday.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Crystal, I totally feel you on the black shoe quest–I had to find plain sandals for a wedding and scoured both DSWs and any number of other stores before lucking into a pair at TJMaxx. Ugh, good luck!

    Separately, will you send me your email address? (thisislifeinaustin at gmail.com)

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