These, my friends, are loquats.

They’re small, they’re fragrant, and they’re all over our neighborhood. It’s actually a fruit that originated in China, and is usually grown in Asia and in the Mediterranean. But for some odd reason, loquat trees are growing all over Austin.

They’re a lot of work for a tiny reward…you have to peel the skin off and take out the huge seeds to get to the flesh, which is tart-sweet, soft, and juicy. Loquats are often used for jams or jellies, but they’re also great when they’re plucked off a neighbor’s tree (especially if the neighbor doesn’t know you’re plucking). Really, though, most of the loquats are becoming over-ripe, and nobody’s eating them! I’ve been tempted to knock on the homeowners’ doors and ask if they’d mind if I brought over a stepladder and a few baskets to harvest their beautiful fruits. I keep chickening out.

2 responses to “These, my friends, are loquats.”

  1. Don’t be escardes! 🙂 I will have to try one of those.

  2. BTW: John is escardes because he won’t post on here to ask you to save a couple of loquats for him. 😛

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