Tasting Austin: 1900 Bar

We’ve been trying a few happy hours around town lately, and have been pretty pleased with what we’ve found. One of our favorites has been 1900 Bar at Judge’s Hill Restaurant.

We stopped by on a Friday evening and found only a few other people in the tiny lounge area. Since the lounge is just off the hotel entrance, it’s a bit formal and stately, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Happy Hour is from 4pm to 7pm Monday through Friday, when well drinks, beers, wines under $10/glass, and bar food is half price. Trust me, it’s a great deal considering the quality of food served here.

Justin loved the Mexican Martini, spiced up with a bit of jalapeno juice; I enjoyed the Starburst, a sweet mango cocktail.

Even better were the appetizers. The Lobster Tacos were so perfect: the tiny corn tortillas were perfectly crisp, the fresh lobster and mango filling perfectly seasoned, and the avocado sauce smooth and creamy.

The Ringlets were super-thin onion rings, with a smooth ancho-prickly pear mayonnaise for dipping.

The Cakes were dense with crab, served with fried capers and a citrus butter sauce.

I’d love to go back to 1900 Bar every Friday, just to taste all their lovely appetizers. Someday soon we’ll try out Judge’s Hill Restaurant for the full meal deal.

4 responses to “Tasting Austin: 1900 Bar”

  1. 4 of my friends work there 😀

  2. Wow, I’m so hungry after reading this post. 😀

  3. Ooh, looks like a fun bar! And worth trying out. One of our friends worked there several years ago and had a… um… acrimonious parting with management, so we haven’t been. But I think it’s been long enough now, and I want those onion rings!

  4. How interesting that so many friends of friends have worked at 1900 Bar! 🙂

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