Takeout Madness!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In our household, we celebrate this momentous day with Japanese food. Apparently.

I’ve been under the weather all week, and Justin has excelled at taking care of me. Today he brought a smorgasbord of delights from Sushi Zushi. We’ve eaten there before, and I remember that it was very expensive and just okay… but we had ordered only maki rolls and such.

Ever since I found this blog, I’ve been infatuated with Japanese food. I checked out the Sushi Zushi menu, and was so excited to see a few non-sushi things I wanted to try. Here’s what we ordered:

Below left, Agedashi Tofu: Deep-fried tofu topped with ginger and dried bonito, with a light sweet soy broth. Mmmmm. Perfectly tempura fried, mild on the inside and lovely dipped in the broth.

Middle top, Gyoza: basically pot stickers, and they were really good.

Right, Beef Yakimeshi Rice: Teppan-fried Japanese rice with beef, eggs and vegetables. This was like a flavorful fried rice with yummy nuggets of beef.

Below left, Beef Yakisoba: Stir-fried buckwheat noodles with beef and vegetables. Super tasty.

Middle top, Miso soup: Yum.

Right, Salmon Musubi: Rice mixed with grilled smoked salmon that’s then shaped like a triangle and baked. I think this was originally in the cute triangle shapes before it made the trek back to our place. It was good, but seemed too fishy after a while.

Below left, Miso soup for me. 🙂

Middle, two pieces each of salmon and escolar nigiri. I love this stuff.

Right, Mini Curry Rice: Steamed rice with curry sauce. Meh.

So when all was said and done, we finished one miso soup, the nigiri, the gyoza, the agedashi tofu, and about half of the yakimeshi rice and the yakisoba. The curry and musubi were our least favorites. And now we have lots of leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

We also have a fridge full of Farmhouse Delivery produce to cook up… just as soon as I’m feeling up to cooking again. (Oh! Justin did boil up two ears of corn from our bushel before we ordered all this takeout food. Um, we were really hungry, I guess.)

Have a good evening, everyone!

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  1. CORN!!! YES!!! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for corn to come back in season! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

    Glad to see your little review of this place. We have thought about ordering from there before, but never have. BTW–we always do the same thing when we try a place…order TONS of stuff. But now we are trying to cut down on that!

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