Soccer Sunday at Cuatro’s

We went to Cuatro’s for lunch on Sunday, and watched some futbol. There was a large Chelsea contingent there, decked out in blue jerseys and scarves.

We started with some chips, salsa and guacamole.

Justin had the fried chicken salad. It’s one of his favorites (though he really eats all the fried chicken pieces off and leaves most of the lettuce behind). 🙂

I had a burger and tots. I didn’t like the bun… it was so thick! I ended up eating the burger open-faced, and then I could only manage half of it. And half the tots.

“Napoleon, gimme some of your tots!” 🙂

2 responses to “Soccer Sunday at Cuatro’s”

  1. “No, go find your own!”

    That fried chicken salad looks OFF THE HOOK!

    1. Ha! I think it may be time to re-watch Napoleon Dynamite…

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