Sno Cone Club!

Every other Sunday or so, every summer (as of last summer), the Sno Cone Club meets at Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs for sno cones and chit chat. This was the first time we attended, and the first time we had Casey’s sno cones.

After eyeing other people’s choices (such as strawberry cheesecake and root beer, below), Justin and I ordered our sweets.

Sno cones are taken very seriously at Casey’s. I chose the Mounds bar, made with chocolate and coconut. The (housemade) chocolate syrup is poured in slowly, in two rounds, to fully soak in.

Then the coconut syrup is added.

Justin chose TWO sno cones (it’s so fun to be an adult, and be able to have two sno cones if you want). One was chocolate covered cherry, made like the Mounds one above, but with cherry instead of coconut. The other was mango, with a chile-lime-salt topping. First, the mango syrup:

Then a hefty sprinkle of chile-lime-salt powder.

All three were super-delicious, though I was still pining for a pickle juice sno cone. I’ll have to hunt one down elsewhere.

Ah, yes, summer is definitely here.

7 responses to “Sno Cone Club!”

  1. Oh, my gosh, chili lime salt sounds SO COOL! What did it taste like on the mango? I love sno cones. They’re awesomely summer. 😀


    1. It was really good! The salt cuts the sweetness of the mango syrup. There are a few fruit shops around here that serve diced fruit topped with chile and lime… it’s sooooooooo good!

  2. Pickle juice snow cone, really? 🙁 I can’t even stand pickles!

    1. Ha! Yep, I love that they’re salty and dilly and funky. But then, I love pickles.

  3. Absolutely love Chili lime Mango snowcones!!

    1. Sis, remind me to tell you this weekend about my sno cone dream…

  4. Gaahhhh, I really want a snow cone but they don’t seem to exist outside of syrupy SlushPuppies here in Vancouver. I keep hoping that someone will open up a shop but for now, I can only dream about Austin and it’s fantastic looking snow cones.

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