Saturday at Asti

Tonight we decided to try Asti again. We hadn’t eaten here in a while, but now that Chef Jason Donoho is in charge, we wanted to try out his new menu. I decided that I might have to go to Asti for lunch every day during the week, just to have a bowl of the ceci bean soup and bread.

Here are photos from my iPhone:

A little gift from the kitchen: Prosecco and crostini with white bean, roasted garlic and grainy mustard puree.


Roasted olives… I can’t believe it, but I actually loved the green olives.


Soup special: Seafood broth with mussels, crab and croutons… I wish I had written down exactly what the specials were, because this one was amazing.


My new favorite soup: Ceci Bean & Leek Soup with Parmesan Brodo, Black Pepper & Truffle Oil. Ohmyga.


Another gift from the kitchen: Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Chestnuts, Brown Butter, Sage & Parmesan. Holy moly, this was good. The gnocchi was fluffy and delicous, and the chestnuts were such a nice addition.


Mozzarella suppli: Fried Carnaroli Rice with Tomato Sauce Fresca. I should state for the record that I LOVE suppli anyway, but seriously? These were so good.


Justin’s dinner special: Mixed grill with quail and Asti sausage, served with squash and tomato risotto. Wow.


Seared Scallops & Mandilli Pasta with White Truffle Butter, Lemon & Scallion. This was amazing… the scallops were perfectly cooked, and the huge sheets of handmade pasta were such a nice texture.


Dessert special: pumpkin cheesecake tartlet with fried sage and hazelnuts, and I think a dark caramel sauce and vanilla creme anglaise. Um, yeah. This was fabulous.


So I’m really excited about the changes Jason has made at Asti, and I’m looking forward to many more great meals here! I think it says a lot that we loved EVERYTHING we tasted. 🙂

3 responses to “Saturday at Asti”

  1. i now know what i’m going to do with the sweet potato and sage in my fridge. i had other plans, but i love gnocchi and that combo just sounds sooooo good

  2. I am so excited that our new house is only a few blocks from ASTI. Thanks for the lovely pics and reminder of their tasty food!

  3. This looks absolutely wonderful! I mean, I was a fan of the old Asti, but this sort of kicks its ass…

    I could so go for that pasta with scallops RIGHT NOW.

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