Great Austin Blogger Encounter

What a wonderful weekend! Saturday evening we had dinner at Mother’s with Lisa, Bdogg, LostInTX, Bearette, Lora, and New Mezger, along with a few significant others. It was nice to put faces, personalities, and voices with each blog. We had a great cake from Sweetish Hill to celebrate Bdogg’s birthday, which Bearette really, really enjoyed. 😉

Today Justin and I joined LostinTX, Bearette and D (her significant other) for lunch at Kerbey Lane Cafe. Bearette was in love with the butternut squash flautas, and I’m glad she got another dose of them before her flight back to New York. We took this photo after lunch…I’m so sad that I forgot to get a group photo of all of us at Mother’s.

When I started blogging, I just wanted to keep family and friends updated on what was going on in my part of the world. I never knew that I would make so many new friends, near and far. I’m grateful for the connections I’ve made, and look forward to many more!

Edited to add this link to my Flickr photos of the event.

7 responses to “Great Austin Blogger Encounter”

  1. I had a really great time last night! I only wish I could have stayed later. Too bad I missed the cake.

    Great CD!

  2. Hi Crystal, it was fun getting together with you and Justin and the other blog friends. I feel like an Austin native now that I know about all four locations of Kerbey Lane Cafe (only one of which is on Kerbey Lane), have learned that Loop 1 and Loop 360 aren’t really loops, and have finally tried queso. Next time I might borrow Justin for some mountain biking.

  3. It was so fun! I think all the significant others were husbands. Never wanted to call D hubby because it sounds too Stepford. I really loved Austin.

  4. I’m so glad I got to meet you and Justin! Thanks for the CD.

  5. it rocks! i checked out aberfeldy’s cd on amazon. it has a really rude cover!

  6. You’re all very welcome! Yes, Bearette, the cover is yuck. But the song is good! 🙂

  7. Had a GRRRRREAT time! The CD was awesome.. thanks for being so thoughtful. So glad you guys live here – maybe we can have an austinites reunion soon.

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