Dinner at Fino (yes, again)

We had a lovely dinner at Fino a few nights ago, in celebration of my PROMOTION! I’m so excited… it all happened very quickly, and the last week has been pretty busy and stressful, but I’m very happy about it. I’ll be moving over to the other side of the office, which pulls me away from my coworkers, who have become great friends… so that makes me a little sad. But at least I’m still in the same office, and can still see them day to day.

So anyway, dinner was great…

Justin loved his Mexican martini, and I REALLY loved my Garden Party, made with Citadelle Gin, Paula’s Texas Lemon, Strawberries and Basil. Sooooo delicious.

The kitchen sent out a nice little bite of goat cheese and beets on crostini… their goat cheese is so mild and creamy, and I love love love beets, so this was a real treat.

We had the fried anchovy olives (I officially like olives!!! These ones, anyway) and the grilled halloumi with blood oranges. I love halloumi, and this was good, but it was really charred, which is not my favorite thing. Blackened stuff is just too bitter for me.

Of course we had to get the fried goat cheese with red onion jam and honey. One of my favorite bites in Austin.

We tried the beef pinchitos with tzatziki… Justin thought the meat was a little overcooked and bland, but I loved it. I just smothered it in tzatziki, which I adore.

I had to get the celery root bisque again… I never knew that I love celery root. But I do.

We also had the sliders, which come with the softest eggy bread ever. So good.

Justin opted to end his meal with the Meyer lemon tart, served with blackberry compote, blackberry-basil sorbet and candied lemon. The tart was so light and lemony, and the sorbet was so good.

I chose the almond frangipane, a dense almond cake topped with coconut sorbet and cinnamon and armagnac roasted medjool dates. So dreamy.


I just looked at the menu again and realized that I forgot to order the Idiazabel and arugula pizza topped with a fried egg! Oh no! We’ll have to go back again soon. Darn.


Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Congrats! Wishing you well in your move across the office. . . .

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