Dinner at East Side Showroom (Holy Smokes!)

Last night Justin and I went to East Side Showroom for dinner. We went there once, when they first opened, for dinner, and I remember thinking that the portions were too small, or some nonsense like that. We’ve been back many times, but mainly for drinks and snacks. We’ve been missing out!

I somehow didn’t write anything down or photograph the menu, so I’ll just describe what I remember. It’s really weird… usually I can remember specific details, notes from the menu… but this time it’s like my mind is clouded with this vague thought of “everything was amazing.”

Of course we all know that the cocktails are insanely good. We ordered from the menu for the first round… I think mine was a Rum Trolley… it tasted like Jamaica (sigh). Justin had the… oh sheesh, I can’t remember, but it had Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whiskey, and something infused with Anaheim chiles. 🙂

Justin really wanted to try the Seafood Chowder that was listed on the specials board… ohmyga. The broth was so deep and rich and peppery… kind of spicy and so darn good.

I opted for the gratin, layer upon layer of perfectly cooked potatoes and cream, topped with lovely sharp cheese.

Justin ordered the lamb special… thick lamb chops, crispy on the outside and tender-juicy on the inside, with a mint pesto, curried grits, and roasted beets.

I had the spring chicken and artichoke special… let me tell you, people, if this is on the menu, ORDER IT. I’ve been unable to get it out of my mind… I’m trying to persuade Justin to eat dinner there every day until they take it off the menu. There were breaded pieces of dark meat chicken, nestled in a lovely gravy… there was a side of the best sweet potatoes (carrots?), perfectly seasoned… there were braised artichokes, the hearts so succulent and perfect. I cleaned my plate, I sucked the meat off the bones, I bit off every last bit of artichoke heart. Oh, my heart, it aches for this dish. Sonya, the chef, is my new idol.

Chauncey was kind enough to whip up a Corpse Reviver #2 for Justin, and a Southside for me. Just look at that garnish… it’s so creative, so fresh, and each time I took a sip, the brightness of the lemon and mint added to the flavor.

We ordered two desserts (because that’s how we roll)… first was a citrus creme brulee, perfectly creamy and topped with candied citrus peel.

The second was a crepe terrine… one of THE BEST DESSERTS EVER. So simple, so light, not too sweet. Layers of crepes and strawberry jam, crispy on the edges… a dollop of real whipped cream… a drizzle of honey. I think I’m going to have to attempt to make this at home. I love making crepes, but never though of layering them like this.

In short, peeps, I was blown away. I was sad that I hadn’t been eating dinner here more often. I closed my eyes with every bite, I begged Justin to bring me back here every day. It helps, of course, that I am completely smitten with the design of the Showroom, and the live music, and the indie vibe. East Side Showroom, I love you.

5 responses to “Dinner at East Side Showroom (Holy Smokes!)”

  1. Ughhhh I’ve wanted to eat there for the longest time, but it’s soooooo far away from us (we live by 360 & 2222). Everything sounds so good, especially the crepes! Olivia does a couple different savory crepes layered that way and they are like the best things EVER.

  2. It all looks so great! An’ a whole artichoke… what a treat.

  3. Andy and I had a drink there months and months ago…clearly we need to go back for dinner! I loved the place. It felt very Moulin Rouge-ish to me.

    Cheers! – AEB

  4. I’ve only been once, but I was a big fan of the cocktails. And I think I ordered spare ribs or something like that… they were truly to die for.

    p.s. I love how delicately Justin is holding his silverware in his entree picture. How genteel. And you can tell him I said so. 😉

  5. it is so refreshing to hear that the show room is doing well.

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