Derby Day at Rainlily Farm

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Rainlily Farm for a Derby Day party hosted by Tipsy Texan and Makers Mark. It was a gorgeous day to be on the farm, and the mint juleps were delicious! It was so much fun to dress up and hang out with friends.

All of our favorite barkeeps were there… including Bill Norris from FINO…

And of course Tipsy Texan himself, David Alan.

Mindy helped Makers Mark guy Adam to draw winners for the raffle.

There was a dizzy derby race, where  contestants spun around in circles with toy horses, then raced…

Which meant lots of crooked running and a few tumbles.

Elana and Hunter were my vote for best dressed…

And I loved this hat, decorated with My Little Ponies.

This little dog was cute! He obviously wanted to be in this photo with me.

Here’s me with a feather in my hair and a mint julep in my hand…

And the two of us decked out in our Derby fashions. (I’m not sure whether that light leak at the bottom is from my film or my camera) 🙂

I think Justin’s favorite part of the day was watching the chickens…

And I have to admit, they were quite cute.

This rooster was THE MAN. All the chicken ladies loved him.

There was even a turkey…

And baby chicks.

So much fun! Can’t wait for next year… I may have to create my own fancy-pants hat! 🙂

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