Blue Dahlia

Justin and I visit Blue Dahlia a lot. As in, once or twice a week. Mostly it’s because we have tons of gift certificates there, but I’ve come to love that little cafe. 

It’s such a great place to lounge in, chatting over mocha lattes or brunch or a leisurely weekday dinner. They have Firemans #4 on tap, and really good Arnold Palmers. At night the lighting is dim without being too dark, there are candles on the tables, and Billie Holiday croons her love songs to you. Sometimes there’s a guitar player or a saxophonist to play for you.

I’ll get the shortcomings out of the way…the service can be slow (even if you’re in the mood to dally). The menu is fairly stagnant, with only a few daily specials changing in and out (which wouldn’t really be a problem if we didn’t go there so often). And they put sesame seeds on their baguette. I’m not a fan of sesame seeds.

But the place just feels right. It’s cozy, and simple, and rustic, and cool. On weekday evenings, it’s quiet and romantic, and Sunday mornings on the back patio can be perfect (if it’s not too cold).

We often stop by for brunch on the weekends. I’m partial to the soft-boiled eggs and the waffles; Justin likes the frittatas. At lunch, the tartines are tasty…egg salad topped with capers and a drizzle of olive oil, or chicken salad with a sprinkling of dried cranberries. For dinner, the butternut squash risotto is tasty (though not really a risotto, more like rice in broth) and the mushroom crepes are decadent. The chocolate mousse, apple tort, creme brulee and pain au chocolat are great, as is the coffee.

Blue Dahlia has become like family to us…it has its flaws, those things that get on our nerves or that we wish we could change, but we know that we only notice those things because we visit so often. And we love it all the same.

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