Tiki Mondays

Aside from the usual lovely drinks, such as this Sazerac and Last Word (which are not on the menu, but Adam and Chauncey will make them for you, and you will love them)…

… for the next few weeks, Tipsy Texan David Alan is setting up shop at East Side Show Room every Monday from 5 – 9 p.m. to make tiki drinks!

I stopped by yesterday with my pal Lindsay, and met up with Rachel and Logan, Lara and Bill. David is making Navy Grog, Shaken Pina Coladas, Mai Tais, Nutmeg Needles, Fog Cutters, and a huge 2-serving fishbowl drink called Back in the ESSR.

Here’s the Mai Tai…

… complete with David’s signature huge garnish of fresh mint. It immediately whisked me back to Oahu, and days on the beach, and swimsuits and flip flops and ukeleles and hula dancers. (Can we go back? Soon?)

Lindsay and I snacked on the grits and greens (spicy and hearty, with a smooth bechamel), potato gratin (so perfect… layered potatoes smothered in creamy bechamel), and a bowl of winter citrus and chicken soup (peppery and full of barley… so good!). I even used my Tabbed Out app to pay the bill! It was too much fun. I’m sure we’ll be back for more Tiki Mondays, so we can taste all the drinks we didn’t get to yesterday. 🙂

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