Friday in Portland

Our morning was full of webinars and work, then coffee and bagels and lox.

and then, a super cute puppy

then the portland art museum :: karl hofer, frütte stunde (early hour)

also, i saw monet’s water lillies and it was so beautiful i wanted to cry

ideal portland park :: reading and loafing (obligatory biker in the background)

i stopped to smell the roses

happy hour at tasty n sons :: fried cauliflower

snack spread :: hush puppies :: polenta with ragu and egg


art deco goodness


oysters and rosé at the parish

um… it was good beer

i could get used to this theater :: we watched premium rush

i love you mr. clinton :: i love you mr. obama

 good night!

2 responses to “Friday in Portland”

  1. Portland was my territory for work and I miss it! Thank you for posting pics and walking me down memory lane. It looks like you are staying at the Ace Hotel. Love that area!

    1. That’s right! I was always jealous of your frequent Portland visits. 🙂 We are staying at the Ace, and we’re loving it!

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