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A Bajillion Photos

August 27, 2010

So as we’ve been trying out new restaurants, I’ve been taking photos. Lots of photos. Some with my fancy-pants DSLR, some with my iPhone. I finally took the time to upload a huge batch of them last night, and I added them to my flickr page. I’m not going to blog about all of them (maybe a few), but if you want to see what we’ve been eating lately, you can see them on flickr.

I did notice one recurring theme in all these photos, which I have dubbed Justin in the Corner. Apparently I like to photograph Justin framed in the corner of the photo, with the restaurant background behind him.

At Nau’s Enfield Drug…

At Rockin’ Tomato…

At The County Line…

At Asia Cafe…

At Musashino…

At Chez Nous…

Thanks, babylove, for letting me take and post your photos, and for making every meal a bajillion times better with your presence.

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7 Discussion to this post
  1. Wei-Wei says:

    LOL. I love that last photo of him! I love how much you are in love 😉

  2. Amy says:

    I wonder if Justin knew how famous you were going to make him when he married you 😉

  3. bearette24 says:

    I like the Musashino photo…very contemplative.

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