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June 29, 2010

So I’ve started yet another project… I’ve been collecting images forever, and I sometimes share them on my twinkle lights blog, but mostly they just go into my Evernote. Now I’m saving them to Pinterest, which is a super-cool site that allows you to pin images from all over the web, categorize them, tag them, and share them. You can comment on other people’s pins, or repin their images. It’s like tumblr, but much prettier/easier/better. 🙂

My favorite of my boards so far is my Life to-do list. I’ve created little reminders of things I want to do in life. Things like creating handwritten cookbook of my favorite recipes, or drinking Turkish coffee in Turkey, or always keeping my head up. 🙂

I do have five invitations to Pinterest that I can share… if you’re interested in saving/sharing your images in this way, leave me a comment (include your email), and I’ll send an invite over.

I have to say that I do still use Evernote extensively… it’s more of my idea/recipe/note filing system, and I’m using Pinterest as a mood/inspiration board. You can never have too many toys, right? 🙂

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Guys. I found this guy on YouTube who makes lovely…

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A beautiful mess.

One night, we went to Kate & David’s home to…

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  1. Sarah Smith says:

    Oooh that sounds amazing! I would love an invite! I am in dire need of a better photo organization system for all the inspiring stuff I find.

  2. i can’t “pin” because it requires a facebook account. i’m afraid i won’t be joining the massess with that social media outlet. i know i’m missing organizing my bits of beauty by not being able to access pinterest. i’m hoping they find a different way to aunthenticate folks soon. but i think i can still check out what you’ve “pinned.” i love the idea of a life to do list {i love lists!}.

    i am TRYING to get the hang of evernote. it seems so useful!

    • Crystal says:

      Oh, I forgot about that part! It does require Facebook.

      I adore Evernote. I use it daily! I have notebooks like “Food” and “Crafts” and “Style”… and within those I have tags like “recipes” and “main dish” and such. I do wish they offered subfolders… it’s really silly to have folders and not allow them to stack. But I still love it. 🙂

  3. tiffany otto says:

    i’d love an invite!

  4. Wei-Wei says:

    Wow, this looks good! I’m afraid to ask you for an invite because I’m scared I might not use it… besides, Facebook is blocked in China so I don’t know if it’d work. I’ll be checking it out though! 🙂


  5. Paul says:

    Hi, I’m one of the founders of Pinterest, and thanks so much for the note. Really glad you’re enjoying the site.

    If you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions, send me a note at paul [at] pinterest [dot] com. We’d love to hear from you.

    P.S. Allyn, you can also signup for Pinterest with a Twitter account now.

    • Crystal says:

      Thanks for your comment, Paul, and thanks SO MUCH for creating such a fun site! I will say that I had a problem pinning the other night, and Ben responded to my email with a fix in no time at all. You guys rock. 🙂

  6. Francheska says:

    I just found out about Pinterest through Rare Device.

    I would love an invite, if you have any left.

    I have been saving images to a folder on my desktop for years and this sounds like a great way to organize my catalog.+

    Thanks for sharing!

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