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December 22, 2009


Just got home from watching Avatar in 3D with Justin.

He really wanted to see it, because he thought it would be really imaginative and fun. I was NOT interested in it at all.

And….. I LOVED IT. It was predictable, but I didn’t care. It was beautiful, rich, full of wonder. I fell in love with Pandora and the Na’vi. I loved their connection to their surroundings, to nature, to each other. I loved their language, and the animals of their planet, and the strength of their belief in a higher being.

Also? 3D is so much fun.

Until tomorrow, internets, let’s all go dream of beautiful, balanced, natural worlds. 🙂

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Guys. I found this guy on YouTube who makes lovely…

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A beautiful mess.

One night, we went to Kate & David’s home to…

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2 Discussion to this post
  1. Laura Louise says:

    I completely agree and felt exactly the same way! Also, how about that preview for Alice in Wonderland! I’m so stoked about that!

  2. odelsa says:

    It was amazing, so visual and you are right, beautiful!

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