Busy hands

For some reason this weekend, I felt like sewing. A lot. So I grabbed some fabric and went to work.

First I made this skirt (above) for my pal Lindsay. She liked this fabric (it was a thrifted pillowcase), so I cut a basic skirt shape from it, and used a bit of coordinating stretchy fabric for the waistband. Stretchy fabric is hard to sew…the waist seam was so horrid that I ended up covering it up with a bit of vintage eyelet trim that I swiped from my mom’s stash a few weeks ago.

Next I made a skirt for myself using this fabric that I’ve been hanging on to for too long. This time I used a pattern (Simplicity 5505). It was so easy! I think most of my skirts will be from this basic pattern from now on…the shape is perfect and the elastic waistband is unbelievably easy to do.

Finally, I made this bag out of a fabric sample that I got while working at the boutique. I wanted a purse that’s just a wee bit bigger than the one I have, but this one is just a tad too big for me. My problem with purses is that if there’s more room, I’ll fill it up. With whatever. So I have to keep them small. I added an inside pocket and a magnetic closure to this one. And I’ve passed it on to Lindsay, who doesn’t mind bigger bags.

Next up: a shirt for Linds and more skirts!

6 responses to “Busy hands”

  1. Yay! Those look great! They look so much better than my concoction for the weekend. I love the one out of the thrift pillowcase! I would never have thought of that!

  2. You are so fabulous! Everything looks great! I am definetely going to have to pull out my machine and see what I can come up with! Love you!

  3. Love the green one …

  4. Great skirts! I’m going to get that Simplicity pattern- it looks so cute and I love to hear that it is easy, too!

  5. Love the skirts! You did a fab job. And the purse is really cute too! It really great how you used that eyelet to cover the seam- good thinking!

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