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  • Etsy Love: Wall Art

    Let’s talk about artists, shall we? Some of my favorite finds have been prints from Etsy artists. I’ve collected these: “As Long As I Have You” Print from The Black Apple (This reminds me of me, Justin, and Roux…) The “Snail Rider” Print from The Black Apple (Oh how I love Emily’s work…) And look […]

  • Etsy love: Moop

    I love, love, love my Fraulein tote. Moop makes the best bags…so well made, and so beautiful, too! They have a couple of other designs I’d love to have, too, but I just can’t justify it since my Fraulein tote is still in excellent condition. I carry it to work every day, and I’ll keep […]

  • Etsy Love: Clementine

    I swear, I wear these necklaces from Clementine ALL THE TIME. I lerve them. This one is my favorite…it’s such a cool idea, and it hangs so nicely. And this one…so delicate and sweet! I have a thing for peridot, I think. I’m also loving these earrings and this awesome necklace. Seriously, folks. Is there […]

  • Etsy Love: Ella Vintage Necklace

    It’s difficult for me to explain just how much I love this necklace. I had to have it the moment I saw it. It looks perfect with a black top and a ponytail, the gorgeous flower sitting proudly on my neck. The flower is a bit heavy, so it tends to slide down to the […]

  • Etsy Love: The Consomme Wristlet

    Okay, I’m finally getting around to posting about all the lovely goodies I’ve bought from Etsy. First up, this gorgeous wristlet. I am so grateful that I found Jodie’s Etsy shop, Meringue, through her comment on poco-cocoa! I had a bad habit of setting my purse down when we were out dancing or having drinks, […]