Summer sweets

I love it when you find old favorite recipes that you haven’t made in a while… they seem twice as good when you do get around to making them. For example, this lovely Chocolate Eclair Icebox Dessert:


I use this recipe, except that I double the amount of ganache. I usually have some ganache left over, but a single recipe of it just isn’t quite enough. 🙂


It’s perfect for potlucks and summer gatherings… like this little hot dog tasting we attended a couple of weeks back. It was so much fun! We tasted 15 different kinds of hot dogs to figure out which ones we liked best. After all that salty goodness, we needed something sweet and refreshing, and this dessert did the trick.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

6 responses to “Summer sweets”

  1. This recipe looks awesome, says the pregnant lady. Do you do it with all the fat free stuff or the real deal?

  2. I can vouch that that dessert was sweet old-school deliciousness. So glad it got blogged!

  3. I have a very similar recipe that I got from a lady who would bring it to work for every potluck we had. . . . it is very yummy. I do love your dog party. . . . . I think I may have to try that idea. . . . it sounds really fun.

  4. Have you subbed in ganache for the icing in this recipe? It does look very nice and shiny, and I must admit that the only thing I’m dubious about in this recipe is the icing. Otherwise it sounds (and looks) great.

  5. Sandy, I’ve only used the icing in the recipe. It’s actually really yummy, though ganache would be, too. 🙂

  6. poco-cocoa make woozie happy here, then woozie make man happy with icebox delight then man make woozie happy again. NOM!

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