Music Monday

Hello, internets. Hope you all had a happy Halloweekend. Ours was pretty low-key… we mostly stayed at home and watched movies and Mad Men. Justin went down to 6th Street to see our friend Bud’s costume and take some photos – I’ll try to post a few soon (he was a really spooky goblin-like-thing from the film The Descent).

Speaking of movies, I created a Pinterest board with all the movies I’m watching. I’ve kept a list going for about a year now in Evernote, but I forget to update it. We’ll see if this works better. I’m such a journal/diary nerd – I like to keep track of EVERYTHING. Hence the flickr, tumblr, twitter, pinterest, 8tracks, plus home journals and scrapbooks. I don’t want to forget! 🙂

I’ve uploaded October’s music playlist to my 8tracks page. It’s missing a couple of songs that I couldn’t switch over to mp3s for 8tracks (by Sunset and The Greencards).

And here are a few songs that Justin found and handed over to me. He’s so good at music hunting.

Rae Spoon – You Like All the Parties

New Faces – My Alarm

Tennis – Marathon

Hope you all have a great week!

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