The weekend started with leftover Halloween candy. Of course.


I spent Friday afternoon at Kate’s, helping her organize files and do those nerdy things I love to do. She whipped up evening snacks, as beautifully as she always does. The husbands joined us later and we sat on the porch and talked until the night was done.


On Saturday morning I met Kate at the downtown farmers’ market for some shopping. I had this fantastic sausage and egg sandwich on a gougere from Dai Due. I got to chat with my friend Justin, who works there now, and try some of his awesome Cafe de Olla. So good!


On Saturday afternoon, Justin and I helped David and Kate with their new community garden plot. It was fun to dig in the dirt. This photo is from just before I was attacked by red ants and declared gardening evil.


I did get to snack on some sweet fennel pollen.


On Saturday night, we were exhausted. We snacked on some chicken liver paté with jujube jam.


We whipped up chicken parmigiana-ish and margaritas. And then we konked out.


This morning Justin made a fantastic brunch! French toast (some with cheese), persimmons, paté, syrup, coffee. Perfection.


The rest of today has been napping, reading, and being sore in muscles I didn’t know I had. Gardening is evil. 😉

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