True love

He has beautiful eyes and gorgeous hair. He’s muscular, athletic, and inquisitive. He likes to snuggle at night, and he likes to just hang out with me in silence as I read or craft. I love my kitty cat.

On the other hand, he wakes me up at 6:00 a.m. every day, by scratching at the foot of the bed, swiping my glasses off my nightstand, or, when he’s really desperate, yelling at me. He likes to sit on top of whatever I’m reading, and loves to stand between me and the computer screen until he gets his fill of lovin’. He occasionally flips out after using his litterbox, jumping and running and pressing his ears back, as if using his litterbox was either the most foul or the most amazing thing he’s ever done.

A couple of days ago, he was lounging in the sun, stretching out, washing his underarm, and generally being cute. I snapped this photo as he flipped his head upside-down in the ultimate show of lounginess.

I was so happy to find Bdogg’s site, since she is also a cat lover, and currently has a post featuring her own orange kitty, Joey. Oops…time to stop typing, Roux’s standing in front of the screen again…

11 responses to “True love”

  1. What a fun photo! I can see his little fangs.

  2. Such a lovable name– joey. But you won’t catch me washing my underarm with my toungue (?spelling). cute for cats… gross for joveees. (inside name joke for the rest of ya 😉 )

  3. Oh, that’s so cute! and the description sounds just like my cat, apart from the muscular bit. She’s scrawny.

  4. Love this picture! So adorable!

  5. That is the world’s most adorable kitty picture!!

  6. That photo just so makes me ache for a kitty

  7. Such a cute kitty! Look at the fangs though!

  8. Thanks, guys! He’s cute, and he knows it. Those fangs can get dangerous if Justin’s playing rough with him, but Roux knows better than to use them on me! Joey, you made laugh out loud, as usual…

  9. that is the cutest cat ever! great photo.

  10. Awww, thanks for mentioning me! Aren’t kitties such a joy?

    I have three others in addition to Joey–one of them, BlackJack, loves to walk over my laptop keyboard on the weekends in a desperate attempt for attention. He’s even curled up there before while I’m typing!

    Joey, however, is the top cat in my eyes. I can’t help being biased…he has seniority on all the others….

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