Peeps! Justin and I are headed to NYC very soon! I’m so excited – it’s our first time, and my to-do/to-eat list is ginormous. However, I know that many of you have been to NYC, and might have some serious recommendations. So please, come out of hiding and let me know what we MUST see/eat/do! 🙂

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  1. Broadway. It must be done or seen. The Book of Mormon if you can shake it. 🙂 It is my one regret of my one and only trip to NYC, more so because it was for New Year’s Eve and I was with native New Yorkers..which meant we spent NYE in Connecticut!! So I couldn’t enjoy the city anywhere near as much as I’d wished.

  2. So exciting!!! NYC is one of my all time favorite cities. There are a bazillion things to do and see and a thousand resources, so here were a few of my favorite things.

    Definitely check out the Broadway offerings at TKTS, which has great discounts for shows that day. I haven’t been back in a few years, but Basilica was a great place for pre- or post- theatre Italian food. In Little Italy, go to Ferrara for delicious pastries. Food & walking tours of NYC are completely amazing. I went on the Greenwich Village one which featured three types of pizza and Murray’s Cheese Shop. I’m a big fan of walking tours in general, and I’m sure there are some great free ones. If you like RENT, you’ll definitely need to visit the Life Cafe, Tompkins Square Park and everything else below 14th St.! Christmas windows (especially Bloomingdales) + Rockerfeller Center. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Visit Zabar’s. See Washington Square Park. Visit NYU. visit Think Coffee. If you are a camera lover, you must go to B&H. NY Public Library. For sure walk some piece of the High Line! Playlist: New York, New York; The Only Living Boy in New York; I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City; Silver Bells.

    (P.S. Although seeing Ellis Island is awesome… skip the Circle Line Tour! Spend those 5 hours in a few museums instead!)

  3. YESSSSSSS!!!!!

  4. Thank you SO MUCH, everyone! Neka and Margo, we’ll definitely be checking out TKTS to see what’s up while we’re there. Margo and KP, I’m adding all your recs to my ginormous google map! Planning the trip is so much fun – I think I’m going to explode with excitement while I’m there! 🙂

  5. Hands down, Babbo (Mario Batalli’s flagship restaurant) was one of the top 5 meals of my life. Call early for a rez!

  6. I look forward to seeing your pictures!

  7. I’ve only been to NYC once, but I was there for 7 days. My favorite things that I did were– walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, spending most of a day walking around Central Park, visiting the library and also the Met.

    Things I wish I had done– spent time exploring Brooklyn, gone to the moma, checking out more of the midtown & lower Manhattan neighborhoods.

    Have fun! I can’t wait to see where you end up going!

  8. You guys are the best!! I’ve added all of this to my massive map… 🙂

  9. How exciting. How long are you gonna be there for? I’m curious to see how other people pack their stuff when they travel because I never seem to travel light. I want to know all the secrets for comfortable, light traveling. (By the way I was planning on going to NYC myself, but we’ve changed our directions.)

    1. Ai, we were there for 5 days. I’ll probably do a recap on what I packed/wore, because it was interesting to see myself!

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