Justin and I finally left our tiny treehouse apartment. We’ve lived there for about ten years, so it’s really hard to let it go. But – we have moved into another treehouse! It’s ginormous in comparison to our old place, and we have our very own office space! There’s a fireplace and a bajillion windows and a patio and vintage fixtures and a stairwell and a courtyard and a dining room and so much space. We’re so excited to have found it!

The kitties are still figuring it all out. Roux comes out occasionally to poke around and meow, but Little is still hiding in closets. They like to explore during the night. Hopefully they’ll feel more comfortable in a few days.

I so want to finish all of the unpacking and decorating and furnishing TODAY, but it’s going to take a while. There are boxes everywhere, and not enough furniture (our tiny IKEA table looks hilarious in our giant dining room), and things without permanent homes, but there are also breezes through the windows and margaritas on the patio and sunlit bedrooms. It’s quite dreamy. 

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  1. Congrats on the new space! What part of town are you guys in now?

    1. We’re still in Clarksville! Just a few blocks away from our old place.

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