Sometimes Mondays SUCK. Today was not great. Life was quite overwhelming. But I somehow accomplished a few things.

I mixed together sardines and lemon and olive oil and parsley and white beans and salt and pepper. I toasted bread cubes with olive oil and black pepper and made a delicious dinner.

We ate it standing up in the kitchen, scooping forkfuls into our mouths while talking about life and shelves and cats and hope.

I put together most of my Polaroid and Instax photos and created a collage for our dining room wall. Now I can’t wait to take more instant photos.

And I shook cocktails and messaged friends and hoped for better tomorrows and enjoyed the crazy modern thing that is called Central Air Conditioning. I love our new place.

2 responses to “Monday.”

  1. My Monday seemed a bit overwhelming too. I felt I should get so much done, but wasn’t quite sure where to start. So I took a nap in the afternoon. Things seemed better after that. 🙂

  2. WHAT, you didn’t have central AC before?!?!? HOW DID YOU LIIIIIIIIVE?

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