Making things


I’d like to say that I love smoothies. I mean, sometimes I do. I made this lovely little number a while back, with layers of mango, banana, and strawberry. And then I pretty much didn’t make one for months.

In other news, I’m feeling a bit creative again. It’s been quite some time since I’ve felt like being crafty or carrying my camera around. I have some ideas on things to start with – pulling out my film cameras, playing with some paper bits, maybe just sewing some napkins.

I think it’s because my days are so full now. I’ve been working so much lately, and after I finally pull away from the computer screen, I want to do something different, something not electronic, not connected to the world. Today I’m baking bread, and I might head to the studio for a bit to clean out my giant paper stash and just freakin’ do something with it. Although laying by the pool all day sounds pretty fantastic, too. I’ll report back. 😉

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