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Left: A root beer float at Nau’s. Having this cute pharmacy and soda shop a half-a-block away is wonderful and dangerous.

Center: On good weather days, we sit outside on our tiny balcony and drink margaritas and watch the sun set. I bring Bananagrams out, but we never get to it. Our neighbors often join us, all of us crowd together sharing drinks and chats and stories about life. It’s so wonderful.

Right: Sometimes I remember those recipes I learned long ago from friends or from cooking at the B&B. This week I made a strata with our Farmhouse veggies, and it was perfect.


Left: We finally finished our little reading corner in our bedroom! We found this fantastic chair at World Market, which happened to perfectly match the ottoman we already had. Most days you can find me here, reading John Steinbeck or playing Sudoku.

Right: We also set up our little listening corner with our vintage step stool that we found in Portland, our record player, and our small collection of records. I’m excited to find more records of Edith Piaf, Howlin’ Wolf, Ray Charles.


We’ve been eating really well now that we get a weekly Farmhouse Delivery. Most weeks I prep most of the veggies the day we receive them, then we make composed bowls or salads throughout the week. They usually start with some rice or beans, then pretty much anything else we have on hand. Last week I also made kale chips, which we nearly finished that day. So good.


This is one of the first years that I’m anxious for warmer days to arrive. I usually HATE summer, and wish that fall/winter would last forever. But this year, I’m ready for our swimming pool. I’m ready for skirts and sandals and sun.

Left: I made lime cordial for gimlets and sipped a Pimm’s cup with the window open one evening in hopes of luring warmer days in. Not quite yet.

Right: Another evening patio time, this time with deviled eggs topped with pickled beet stems, steamed sugar snap peas with salt, and rosé.


Left: I loved the idea of making angostura sugar cubes for summer champagne cocktails (found on Reclaiming Provincial), so I made some. So fun.

Right: I’ve started using this process for my daily notes/lists/journal. It has worked fantastically! Also, this light – every evening my desk is kissed by the sunset.

Also, currently listening to this on repeat.

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