Happy Birthday, dear kitty…

Today is Roux’s fourth birthday. I can’t believe he’s already four. It seems like just yesterday he was curling up in the CD rack. Now he could probably eat the CD rack.

Happy birthday, Roux!

7 responses to “Happy Birthday, dear kitty…”

  1. Happy Birthday Roux!

  2. Happy birthday, Roux! Does he like to eat roux??


  3. Happy Birthday, Roux!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Roux!

  5. Awww… happy birthday, roux!

  6. Happy birthday to your kitty and mine too. Actually we got him on 11/15 eight years ago no my hubby’s b-day. Glover is his name. He looks just like your cat too, he has an extra digit on both of his front paws.

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