Etsy Love: Ella Vintage Necklace

It’s difficult for me to explain just how much I love this necklace. I had to have it the moment I saw it. It looks perfect with a black top and a ponytail, the gorgeous flower sitting proudly on my neck.

The flower is a bit heavy, so it tends to slide down to the center of my neck. I have to check it throughout the day to make sure its centered properly. But once it is, it’s just gorgeous.

I’m doting on Portabello’s other vintage goodies as well…like this gorgeous bracelet, and this lovely mother-of pearl hairpin. Everything’s so…brassy and somehow harsh and gentle at the same time.


One response to “Etsy Love: Ella Vintage Necklace”

  1. I really like that necklace. I have created some that are similar but the petals are much more interesting on yours. I hope I’m not imposing, I just thought you might like my necklaces since they are so much like the one you have. I can make them in just about any color combo and the flowers are light enough that they don’t fall down to the center. I hope you like my site.

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