We decided to do some decorating this year! Twinkle lights and poinsettia and paper snowflakes and cranberry-popcorn garlands.


It’s so nice to feel Christmasy this year – some years it just doesn’t happen. It helped that this weekend has been so cold, and that our lovely friends Nat & Grant dropped off a poinsettia this week.

Justin made us a wooden tree to go on the mantle – a real Christmas tree would quickly be climbed, knocked over, eaten, and likely vomited by our cats, so this is a nice alternative.


Now we just need to hang our small collection of ornaments, put up our stockings, and overdose on smores and hot cocoa.

2 responses to “Christmastime”

  1. I LOOOOOVE your makeshift Christmas tree! What an awesome idea! Luckily, our cat doesn’t know she’s a cat, and so she doesn’t understand that she possesses the ability to jump, so we are able to do a small tabletop tree each year.

    Also, your snowflakes are so pretty!

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