Blogsistential Crisis

Ugh, I’m having that weird “I don’t know what I want to blog” thing. I go through this every few months or years or whatever. I’ve been kind of updating my Tumblr page, mostly with Instagram photos and a few thoughts here and there. It just seems easier than logging in to WordPress and posting something new here. I still have that weird expectation that this space is for complete thoughts, pretty photos, videos, etc.

Basically, I just want to have a visual journal to look back on. Right now it’s spread out on Instagram and Tumblr and Goodreads and here. I have one Pinterest board where I keep track of movies I want to see and another for movies I’ve seen. I want them all in one place.

Of course there’s also Evernote, where I keep recipes and things, and my Keynote journal, where I drag images from the web. And my Moleskine, where I write down lists and ideas. Still, I WANT THEM ALL IN ONE PLACE.

I know I’ve blogged about this before. How blogging has changed, and how I can’t figure out how to fit this blog into my life, and how I’ve been blogging since before the light bulb was invented, and all that. And I still haven’t figured it out!

Anyway, here are some recent thoughts.

Justin launched a new website for East Side King. It’s super crazy and fun. He rocks.

I made deviled eggs for my friend Erin’s going away party. I only got to eat one, but I loved them! I got some advice from the chefs at F&D (and truth be told, my friend Brandon beautifully minced a shallot for me), and mixed the yolks with mustard, mayo, shallot, parsley, pickles, and a bit of ricotta. Oh, and a sprinkle of smoked paprika. So good.


I’ve been reading quite a bit. Recent favorites:


  1. Attachments: This was such a lovely, light, fun romantic comedy. I loved the characters and was happy with the ending, which never seems to happen these days.
  2. The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage: A great selection of essays on food and family and how we learn our own food habits.
  3. Perfect: A very sweet random teenaged girl in the library recommended that I read this book,and so I did. It’s written in a fun poetic style, and each character’s struggle with perfectionism really hit home.
  4. The Sun Also Rises: Oh, Ernest Hemingway. I love how spare and yet detailed his writing is. I loved getting lost in Paris and Pamplona. I loved the bullfights and the human fights and the many bottles of booze.

And, as always, Roux and Little are not amused.


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  1. OOh, I read Attachments a couple of summers ago and loved it! I liked how one of the main characters was a guy and you got so see a lot of things from his point of view. It’s one of those books that has stuck with me. And I liked how it was set in Lincoln and not NY or London, as so many books seem to be.

  2. The Attachments book looks really cute! Adding it to my Amazon wishlist now.

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