I wish I had asked her name. I just fell in love with her tattoos, and asked if I could take her photo. She said yes.

Yashica FRII, Kodak 400. Probably my favorite photo yet.

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  1. beautiful, BEAUTIFUL picture!
    have you got any tattoos, crystal?
    i just recently did a post about this, with photos of some of my favourite tattoos. i love tattoos, and now that we’re finally going to brazil in november, we’ve already booked 5 sessions with a tattoo artist to refresh our tats and get new ones done.
    can’t wait! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Nope, no tattoos yet. I can’t ever make up my mind on what design or where I want it!

  2. Incredible.

    I want a tattoo when I grow up, but my mom says that she’d never let me in the house if I did. Do you have any tattoos?

    1. Ha! You could get one in a hidden spot? 🙂 None yet for me…

  3. She IS beautiful! You’re inspiring me to get started on my strangers project! I’ve been too scared!

    1. It IS scary! I’ve only done two, but they’re some of my favorite photos. After this one, though, I’m encouraged to try more.

  4. Lovely picture I must say.
    Would wished you got some more shots of her tattoos though.
    I’m a new reader of your blog btw.
    Looking forward to reading more ^.^

  5. you’ve inspired me to get out my old manual camera and use real film… it’s so lovely :]

    1. Yay! Film is just so… deep and beautiful, somehow.

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