A new light


Lately I haven’t been able to calm down my brain. There was Christmas, and spending it with Justin’s family, which was wonderful, and not spending it with my family, which was new and difficult. There is New Year’s Eve, for which we are hosting a party, and which seemed to sneak up on us too soon. There is Indie Chefs Week, which is just over a week away, and is this huge monster of an event that is so much fun and so incredibly challenging to plan.

And there is the new year. December is always difficult for me. I miss Nick. I miss my family. I worry about people and their holidays and happiness. I worry about what the new year will bring, and what changes I should make, and whether I accomplished anything during the past year.

I want to see things in a new light. One that is not made of worry and stress. One that is hopeful, and kind, and open. One that says, “what is past is past, and what will come will come.” One that allows for mistakes and dreams, for challenges and calm.


It’s hard to remember every day to think about this new light. These photos were taken quite some time ago, and for a while, I didn’t love them enough to post them. Now I see them in a new light – it’s harsh and brittle, sharp and exciting.

Here is to opening our hearts to more, to less, to life.

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  1. Love love love — I never knew about Nick, you know that? I think the light in your photos is alluring and mysterious. I wish I could be there for your party — late January! I demand so much time for eating Mexican food.

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