A Hemingway Day


A Hemingway Day is when you wake up to a laugh from your love, and put on your robe and sit on the patio sipping sweet, milky coffee. You wash your hair with sage shampoo and wear your favorite jeans. You ride your scooters to an east side diner to have lunch with friends. You eat soup with big chunks of bone-on beef, potatoes, zucchini, and cabbage. You drink iced tea and listen and laugh and talk about football and New York and Vietnamese sandwiches.

You spend the afternoon on the sofa with a good book (by Hemingway) and a series of French 75s. You can hear the football game in the background, and you get occasional snuggles from a cat or two. Later in the evening when you realize you are starving and too tipsy to drive anywhere, you take a walk with your love to the neighborhood market and pick up an odd mix of hot dogs, ice cream, chips, and Chef Boyardee. You walk back home, eating Cheetos from the bag, enjoying the cool night air of the first real autumn day. You eat and make more cocktails and read until there is no more story to read and fall asleep on the couch and are wakened by your love who brings you to bed and sweet Hemingway dreams.

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