14 and stuff


Happy Anniversary to us! Last week we celebrated our 14th anniversary. We are OLD, people. We had dinner at Qui, where Paul and Deana were so gracious and made sure we had an amazing dinner. If I could, I’d have the kanpachi kinilaw and the pasta mazeman-style EVERY DAY. So good.


I made this salad for lunch the other day. I remembered how much I like shredded lettuce, so I did that, and mixed it with some dressing, and added some avocado and some boiled eggs and dukkah. Pretty good, but better with a squeeze of lemon.

Currently, I’m:

  • reading Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright. I must have heard about it somewhere, but I have no idea where. The author is a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, and this book is just fascinating. I keep stopping, closing the book, and saying to Justin, “But… I don’t understand!” It’s a religion with a background that is just mind boggling.
  • re-watching The Great Gatsby. My favorite.
  • listening to Royals by Lorde
  • wanting to pick up some creative hobby. Maybe film photography again. Or sewing. Or book-binding.
  • wishing for an autumn trip to the northeast. Or northern New Mexico. Or back to Portland or NYC. Or just, you know, somewhere not in Texas.
  • so happy with an amazing 1954 Modern Library copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray that I found at South Congress Books. Now if I can locate a similar copy of The Sun Also Rises, I’ll be in heaven.
  • thinking it’s time to ride my scooter again.

3 responses to “14 and stuff”

  1. That is absolutely my favorite song right now!

  2. You should start sewing clothes for yourself! There are now so many indie pattern designers with beautiful, approachable patterns, even for beginners. And it’s so much fun to make a garment that comes out exactly how you planned it!

  3. Sigh, agreed – I miss Autumn! Chunky scarves, sleek boots, falling leaves….


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