Photo Friday

1. This was my mid-morning snack…thawed frozen raspberries, a sliced banana, vanilla yogurt, and pecans. Yum.

2. I made a couple of holiday aprons for my sister, who’s always cooking or baking (without an apron). This one is very Christmas-y, with white-edged square pockets. (And a kitty playing with the apron strings…isn’t he cute?)

This one is more of a wintery theme, so she can use it through at least February, I think. It has round pockets, and it’s trimmed with yellow ribbon and yellow rick-rack.

3. I’ve been organizing all day. I started with my clothes, tossing out things that don’t fit or that I haven’t worn in ages, which I’ll take to Goodwill soon.

From there I moved on to my jewelry, which has slowly become a mess in my lovely fabric jewelry box. I’ve been collecting little pieces here and there, and have just recently rekindled my love for accessories, so I needed a better way to keep everything in its place. My friend Lindsay made this wonderful mosaic rack for me, and I decided it was perfect to store and show off my necklaces.

My earrings had been tumbled together in a compartment in my jewelry box, so I pinned them to these cards that I made a while back (when I had this grand idea for a recipe card-index that I never finished). It’s just pretty paper pasted onto cardstock, then cut with a corner-rounder. I poked holes with a thumb-tack, and slipped the earrings in. They’re much easier to find now.

Now I’m trying to decide what to organize next…the bathroom closet, full of unused products and half-empty bottles? The filebox, full of old, old bills that are ready to be shredded? My craft stash, with balls of yarn I’ve never used and stacks of fabric that will undoubtedly be disintegrated before I use them? Hmmm….

Happy Friday, everyone!

8 responses to “Photo Friday”

  1. Cleaning too over here! Hey there, if you wanna get anything off your hands,fabric,yarn, etc. i’d love to take it off your hands. we can trade something if you wish. Awesome aprons!!

  2. Can you come over and organize my jewelry? I was just thinking last week that I need to make a jewelry organizer.

    And sweet aprons. Your sister is going to love them!

  3. In Australia our weather is heating up, so it feels right to let go and move on. I’m at a point that I feel less is so much better than excess. I have really been enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. the organizing bug has come over me too. i cleaned out my closet today. and i love those aprons! and the paper you used to organize your earrings is beautiful.

  5. I’m really intrigued by the recipe card index idea. Hmmm..
    Love the kitty playing :).

  6. I do love my aprons! I can’t wait to finish the kitchen so I can get in there and start my holiday baking! Thanks! Love you!

  7. Homemade aprons? You’re awesome.

  8. I love your inspiring organization ideas! The recipe cards-turned-earring organizers are so pretty. My jewelry sits in a tiny, dark, inaccesible closet in a tangled pile. Thanks for the good ideas.

    Also, the aprons are very sweet.

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