Making work more cozy

Little by little, I’m bringing in fun things to work to make it less cube-y and more home-y. Sandra, my supervisor, brought me a cute lucky bamboo on my first day, and so far I haven’t killed it. (The office plants haven’t been so lucky, though…me and my black thumb.) I brought in a couple of the super-fun patches that I bought from Fishcakes, and this snuggly little kitty (doesn’t he look just like Roux?) that my sister bought me last weekend at the craft fair.

This soft snow-guy keeps me company during the day, too…my mom bought him for me last weekend, too. (I’m spoiled.) I’d like to put up more doo-dads and whatnots, but I’m also very picky with what things I surround myself with, so it’s taking a while to find the perfect objects.

I made these little fingerless mittens to keep my hands warm while I type (sometimes offices can get so cold!) and answer phones and such. They’re super-simple (I still haven’t learned the whole increase/decrease/knit-yourself-a-sweater stuff…knitting novices unite!), and I used an inexpensive variegated yarn that resulted in these great stripes. I can give you the basic pattern, though these are pretty small to fit my teensy wrists…you can probably just cast on 4 or 8 more to make them a bit wider.

I used TLC Essentials yarn in “Surf & Turf” (it’s a basic worsted weight acrylic) and size 8 needles. For smaller wrists:

Cast on 30 stitches, leaving a tail to weave in later.
*Row 1: Purl.
Row 2: Knit.
Repeat from * until the piece is 7 inches long.
Bind off, and weave in the ends.
Sew the 7-inch sides together using a mattress stitch, matching yarn, and a tapestry needle, leaving a 1 to 1 1/2-inch gap about 1/3 of the way down. (I just sewed up a bit, slipped my hand through, and stopped when I thought it was a nice length from my thumb to my knuckles, then started up again after the gap). Weave in ends.

Does that make sense? It’s so easy to change it up, too…you could do a rib knit, or vary between stockinette and garter stitch, or change colors, or make them longer or shorter. I’m totally into the variegated yarn, though…I’m thinking of sewing on some cute blue buttons along each seam, but I’m not sure it needs it.

Next time: Super Fabulous Mail!!

3 responses to “Making work more cozy”

  1. i love the fingerless mittens! i have long wanted to some, but i am not handy with a needle!

  2. thanks for sharing the fishcakes link! i think i’m going to get some stuff for friends for the holidays! they are so cute and fun and very easily mailable!

  3. It is always cold in my office, and the best thing I’ve found to help (since space heaters aren’t allowed anymore) is a heating pad. I just put it against my back, or sit on it, and it keeps me warm with no fire hazard!

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