Life gave us lemons.

We didn’t get to go camping this weekend after all. It stormed and stormed, with softball-size hail and winds at 70 miles per hour. For three nights straight. So, no camping, but we did enjoy a few meals together and some time by the pool. Thanks to all of you for your great meal ideas…we will use them at some point in the future!

Today I made this sweet blouse using one of my Japanese patterns and two thrifted pillowcases. I love the fabric, and since it’s old and worn-in, it’s super soft and comfortable. It was a little difficult to decipher the pattern and instructions, since it’s all in Japanese, but I eventually figured it out. I did learn a valuable lesson, though…Japanese patterns are tiny! I used the largest size, and it fits me perfectly. Next time I’ll add in seam allowance, since I don’t think it’s included on the pattern, and I had to make teeny tiny seams so it would fit.

I’m so in love with this shirt! I’ve been flipping through the books to find my next project…

13 responses to “Life gave us lemons.”

  1. This is so cute! I love that you used old pillowcases–it must be so soft and cozy. And bravo to you for deciphering a japanese pattern…and so well, too!

  2. I love your blouse! VERY cute!

  3. That’s so awesome…and the fact that you made it from pillowcases is even cooler! Great work. Sorry about your trip 🙁

  4. Love love, love the shirt! Glad you came to our POTLUCK!

  5. Beautiful shirt! I love the colours. Hopefully you’ll be able to go camping soon….without stormy weather!

  6. A.Dor.Able! Love it! Love even more that you were so creative to use pillowcases!

  7. I love the shirt. It looks so cool and comfortable! Can’t wait to see the next project!

  8. I am happy that you have an indoor hobby that you can do when these storms mess up all the plans outside. Although the rain does make the ground in our garden easier to dig into. 🙂 Yes, very nice blouse! You rock!

  9. I LOVE this shirt; it rocks! (I might just have to turn your dryer up a little higher next time I come over….)

  10. Looks like you made up perfectly for your camping trip! Looks so cute!


  11. cute, Cute, CUTE! AND comfortable? love it!

  12. Thanks everyone! I was excited to find a use for those pillowcases. I think it’s time to go thrifting again…

  13. Gorgeous! You’ve already started your pledge!

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