Fun things and Food Finds

A while back, Sarah from The Small Object sent out some samples of her new iron-on transfers to get feedback on how well they worked. I was one of the lucky ones who got to try them out, and I’ve been anxious to put them on something. I ironed them both on some plain blue fabric so I could use them as patches later on. This one was my first attempt at iron-ons, so I goofed it up a little (the iron wasn’t hot enough). But he’s still super-cute! You can actually buy this guy now at Sarah’s shop, along with lots of other cute things that I covet.

I found this wonderful tutorial page on Lynn’s blog, Mollychicken, and gathered up some scrap fabric to make this awesome little wallet. I used my little block buddy as a patch and embroidered around the edges to secure him. I love it! It’s perfect for when I just need to carry my wallet and my Burt’s Bees lip balm. Seriously, when do I really need to carry all that junk in my purse? But a junk-schlepper I am. I’d love to try all these tutorials…especially the sweet little bracelet. I think that might be next on my crafty list.

Today Kim posted a this great list of things that every Italian knew growing up…and I loved it! It was so fun to see the little details of another culture. I poked around and found this list for Mexicans, and could relate to a lot of them!

Next a couple of food finds. First (and most importantly), chocolate.

I’ve been looking for chocolate cookies that I can snack on when I don’t feel like baking my own, but I’m so picky! They all seem to be too dry, and need to be dipped in milk, or aren’t chocolatey enough. But these little cookies hit the spot. Actually, they remind me of the Keebler sandwich cookies they used to make when I was little (remember the vanilla ones, Dad?). I can only find them at Central Market here, though, so I’m not sure how widely distributed they are.

And now for my favorite beverage…water!

I’m so excited about this water…it’s so pretty! It’s fun to have something in a pretty little bottle to sip on when everyone else has beer bottles and such. One of the girls from my stitching group brought this last time and squeezed a bit of lime in it…I wanted one immediately. It’s just spring water, but it tastes yummy (which for me, means it tastes like Evian, NOT like Ozarka). I’m going to have a hard time recycling the bottles…they’re so pretty I just want to keep them!

Have a wonderful evening!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Looks so fun and yummy!

  2. those dare cookies were my favorite when i was a kid! they’re widely available here in canada. yum.

  3. Panna is one of my favorite waters. I love looking at your dishes….delicious looking

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